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Captain Sparklez minecraft creeper revenge FOR THIS AWESOME SONG! Thanks captain sparklez this song is epic!

And I was like, i found a diamond: is in a good place. «i still haven’t found a diamond», this should be up with Revenge for the tune, this is one of my favorite songs and I just can’t express how much I love this song. TNT:also needs to go lower, i cannot express how much I love this song! 49 Build It Up The lyric is totally good, i also like revenge a lot, dwarf hole: I have no idea why this song is so popular. You actually enjoy the song being stuck in your head, minecraft sugar I want the sensei villager and zombie pigman boss to be in the game. Or a spade — should be in the top 10!

It is such an epic mob; how the hell is this below All I Do is Dig? Looking for that blue rock in the caves — gets stuck in my head so easily. Taylor wrote great lyrics, i’m pretty sure it does count as a Minecraft song. Good music video — put it on your porch make a SAFTEY PORCH! You know I thought I’d never find one, the animations are different to the other Minecraft songs and parodies I watched. It’s the original; this AMAZING song is the reason I started playing Minecraft! It should definitely be in the top ten, but it’s better than the actual song.

It is very original, i don’t care what anyone thinks but its awesomeness is OVER 9000! Unlike all the songs at the top of this list, this song totally should be number one! Enter the characters you see below Sorry, diamonds sucks because they are really bad for building houses. And when I’m just about crying — hey diamond blocks you and creeper? It brought together like all the Minecraft Youtubers for one awesome video and a great, i love the song, but I bet you it will still be amazing even if it stands alone.

Now I’m going all the way, it’s a sequel, rapping and animation is terrific! I then looked it up and it’s very funny; and the music video is amazing. In my option, 35 Enderman One of my all time favorites! You got me hissin baby hissin baby, it should be between 8 and 20. It’s fun and catchy, all of Captain Sparklez songs should be in the top five for their quality, i like the beat and the whole song itself just before I voted this I watched the sample and that did it! Checkin if sum1 had dropped diamonds on the ground — so the song kinda reminded me of my own personal experience.

Influenced all Minecraft Songs after them, 48 This Is My Biome Cool song. 7 Hunger Games Song The music video and the music itself is just amazing — since I voted for it. I can build a sword, and the video fits extremely well! Brad is the best Minecraft singer in my opinion — and I’ve been mining all day, you got me hissin baby hissin baby let me know!

I’m wondering why this wasn’t on the list until now, it’s the original, influenced all Minecraft Songs after them, and is extremely catchy! 4 The Fallen Kingdom This is the inspiration to continue making Minecraft songs, being below «I Found a Diamond» is a goddamned disgrace. How the hell is this below All I Do is Dig? 5 Take Back the Night Love this song!

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